Our Services

Our Services

Real Estate


Property work is a large part of our practice.

Whether you are buying or selling a home or section through a real estate agent or through a private transaction, we are able to assist you.

We can  either draft a sale and purchase agreement for you if you are involved in a private transaction, or if you are using a real estate agent we can advise you on what terms should be put into the contract prior to you signing it.

It is very important that if using a real estate agent, you have a lawyer check the terms of the sale and purchase agreement before you sign it, and it becomes binding on you. Once it is signed the only way in which the agreement can be changed is by mutual agreement of the parties.


Family Law

We understand that issues around family law can be a sensitive area. Contact us to find out how we can provide solutions that are effective and sensitive to your needs.

Our highly experienced team can support and assist you with:

  • custody and guardianship of children
  • child support
  • care and protection
  • domestic violence
  • mental health issues
  • adoption
  • paternity issues

We recognise that people tend to seek advice about family law during a time of crisis. We are here to help you get through a difficult time, providing proactive, realistic and professional advice. We work with private and legally aided clients.

Family Law

Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney and Trusts


Organising your personal and estate planning affairs is one of the most important things you will do.  A good estate plan will ensure that appropriate protections are in place for the administration of your assets during your lifetime and after your death.  We can help you from start to finish, and provide sound advice throughout the process.  We will help you draw up a Will, store it and update it as your circumstances change.


Enduring Power of Attorney

Making sure you are looked after, should it be necessary is important. We can help you, and guide you through the options from start to finish. If you know who you want as attorneys, or you don't know where to start, we can discuss all possibilities with you to get the outcome that best suits you.


Power of Attorney

Going over seas and need somebody to act for you on simple matters? We can help you to set up a Power of Attorney to ensure your trip is even more relaxing. Talk to us today to discuss your wants and needs.



If you need to set up a trust, or make alterations to an existing trust we can help you. Our team has an extensive trust practice, and has considerable expertise and experience in trust structures, trust administration and management.

Relationship Property

Relationship property law is governed by the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.  

You can make agreements about the status, ownership and division of relationship property at any time during your marriage, civil union or de facto relationship. You can also make agreements about dividing property when the relationship ends or the other partner dies. If you are entering a new relationship and have assets, it is encouraged to seek legal advice, to ensure you are protected.